Thursday, September 18, 2008

Unexpected Birthday Party

Yesterday (as said) I went to Jeddi Mart to buy a conFusion Razor for Master Obi-Won for his birthday.  After that, I went to his house to give it to him (don't worry; I sat in the driveway and wrapped it up first!).  I went up the driveway and knocked on his door.  He opened it (he looked like he had just gotten up [I think he was planning on having a quiet birthday]).  I said "happy birthday!" and handed him his present.  He asked me if I could come in.  I said "sure!".  Just as we were sitting down at his table and he was about to open my present, there was a knock at the door.  He opened it.  It was master Ki-Adi-Mundee (also bearing a gift).  Obi-Won said the same thing to him as he had to me.  Master Ki-Adi-Mundee said he would "be delighted to come in...".  Just as we were all sitting down again, the doorbell rang.  It turned out to be Master Yoduh (also bearing gifts)....  All 4 of us were about to sit down when Master Wendu showed up (with icecream, cake, and a present).  People kept on coming until Master Obi-Won looked like he was about to cry.  Apparently he had planned a quiet birthday.  So, Master Wendu took charge; "Alright everybody!  How about some cake?"  So everyone had cake, ice cream, and then, were gone.  Only Obi-Won, Master Wendu, and I were left.  Finally, I said, "Happy Birthday Master Obi-Won!"  He gave me a weak smile, and Wendu and I left.  I feel sorry for Master Obi-Won (but at least now he can play with all his toys in peace!).

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