Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well, Monday is the day!  Luke goes off to the Space Academy on the 30th.  I am kind of sad that he is going, but I think this will be a great opportunity for him.  It will be a bit hard for him to keep up his Jeddi stuff while being a Space Academian, but I think this opportunity will be good for him.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No Luck

I didn't have any luck deleting their posts.  Obi Won put a lock on them...
Anyway, I am on facebook now.  Here is the link to my blog's fan page:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kanobi Post #6

This is my last post.  I think I wll write the last story about Anikin:
This happened recently.  After Lea's wedding, in fact.  Padmae decided to go to visit her relatives after the party (don't ask me why...women (Padmae in particular) sometimes make impulse decisions that make no sense to me...  Maybe it's just because I'm a guy.)  Anyway, she went and left the two men (Luke and Anikin) in the house alone.  When dinner came rolling around, Luke asked Anikin what he was going to fix, he said, "Well, let's see what's in the fridge..."
  They looked and pulled out some containers.  They had a pretty good lunch without having to make anything.  Finally, Anikin said, "Hey Luke, let's get some dessert!"  They looked and looked and finally found something that looked promising.  They pulled out a container and it contained what might have once been banana pudding.  It was fuzzy by then, however.  And Luke thought it looked cute!  He decided to name it Freddie, and Anikin said, "That's cool.  Let's get the hamster cage I got at that hanger sale once and we can put him in it!"  So they kept "Freddie" and it was great for them, because they didn't have to feed him at all.  When Padmae got back 3 days later, she made them throw Freddie away.  Anikin was sad.  And he quoted to me later, "But the memory of Freddie will live on in our hearts..."

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kanobi Post #5

This is Ki Adi Mundee's post:
KI ADI MUNDEE: I have a story about Anikin when he first became old enough to drive a Jeddi Starfighter.  He had rather enjoyed his flight in a nabu fighter when he was 8 years old and it was still fresh in his memory.  Actually, he thought that those fighters were the types of ships that we Jeddi had.  When he saw the Jeddi Starfighters that we had and still have, he called them "clunkers" and lots of names like that.  We had a secret meeting and Master Wendu went out that night and purchased a 1967 starfighter and brought it back.  The next morning, we told Anikin that he didn't need to bother about driving one of our "clunkers" that we had another ship for him to drive.  He beamed, but when we took him to the garage and he saw the definition of a clunker that Master Wendu had purchase, he said, "Oh, uh....that's quite alright....I think I'm getting excited about driving a Jeddi fact I LOOOVE Jeddi can just return this....thanks all the same..."
We racked up another victory in the Jeddi vs. Bad attitudes battle.
OBI-WON: I remember this happening.  The real clunker that we bought was missing one of its engines and didn't even have a deflector shield...
KI ADI MUNDEE: Yes, compared to that ship, a Jeddi starfighter looks like a real beauty.
OBI-WON: I rather think Jeddi Starfighters are classy.  But that's my opinion...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Kanobi Post #4

Sorry, I forgot to write a post yesterday (my mother needed me to do some shopping for her...)
Tomorrow I will get Ki Adi Mundee to write a post for me.  Right now, I have to go pacify Anikin (Luke just showed him one of my posts...)
Oh dear......

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kanobi Post #3

This is master Yoduh's turn:

YODUH: Written a post I haven't ever since hacked on to Anikin's blog I did in 2008 May of. Fun that was. Promised, I did, however, to hack on to it no more. But, Obi Won did the hacking this time!
Do as Wendu did, tell a story about Anikin I will: When 12 years old he was, taught Anikin the powers of static electricity Obi Won did. Got so powerful using the force in a combination with this electricity he did, that he could surprise any Jeddi by giving him a powerful ZAP in the rear. Considering banning this power, we were, when got a complaint from Count Dukoo we did that Anikin wasn't fighting fair. Complained he did that Anikin was zapping all his droids with static electricity. (Banned Count Dukoo had been from using lightning a long time ago. Not powerful enough we were to ban Darth Sideous, but happy we were with what we had accomplished...) Decided we did that it wasn't fair, so banned Anikin we did. We still blame him whenever we have rubbed our hands on our coats too much and we get zapped.

OBI WON: When was this? I don't remember this...

YODUH: On vacation to Tahiti you were.

OBI WON: That's right. I remember you mentioning something about static electricity when I got back.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kanobi Post #2

Well, Master Wendu and Master Yoduh both said they would be honored to write posts for Anikin's blog. It's Master Wendu's turn...:

WENDU: Yeah, I have a story about when Anikin traded his black Jeddi boots for some yellow rubber one's and wore them to a Jeddi council. They were so popular that everyone in the council except master Yoduh, Obi Won, and myself traded for their own set. Then everyone in the Jeddi temple did the same. (The Jeddi in the outer regions didn't get the memo until the fad was over...)
Finally, the Jeddi boot company that we had supported for 50 years asked us if we were boycotting them. Out went the yellow rubber boots...

OBI WON: Is this an old story?

WENDU: No, this happened several weeks ago...

OBI WON: Oh, that's right...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kanobi Post #1

Well, this is my first post.  I love having this opportunity!  Sure, I could create my own blog, but it makes it more fun if I can write about Anikin on his blog!  I have a secret to tell you all, later today, Master Wendu, Master Yoduh, and I are having a meeting and I am going to tell them that they can email me posts that they want on Anikin's blog and I can upload them.  This is too great an opportunity to enjoy all by myself!
Well, I don't have much to say right now except that Anikin needs more exercise.   Who's with me?

Sunday, August 16, 2009


ANIKIN: I am writing this post through my mentor [Master] Obi Won Kanobi.  I am grounded yet again.  It seems Padmae was upset a little that I didn't tell her about me bringing my aunt for a surprise visit.  The worst part of it was that my aunt took her side!!!  That really stinks.  Anyway, I have given my master the password to my blogger account.  I just hope he won't cause too much trouble while I'm gone.
OBI-WON: I will be giving daily posts on my life and my point of view on Anikin's life.  Hope you all enjoy a week in Obi Won's life!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ummm...We'll see how THIS one works out...

Well, I'm leaving my aunt's house right now. She seems excited. I haven't told Padmae that I have another (rather large) passenger aboard my ship, so I hope there won't be a blowout. I guess I could have told Padmae, but I think this surprise will be better. Cross your fingers...

Monday, August 10, 2009


YEEEEESSS!  That was awesome!  I just got back to my Aunt's cottage on Hothe and am writing a post (could you tell?).  I just snowboarded the Death Basin for the 13th time!  It is awesome (especially in the early morning).  I was going to come back home in a couple of days, but Aunty had a change of plans.  I am leaving then, but she's coming with me.  That will be fun for her to visit us...  (I just hope Padmae won't be too surprised...)

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I cannot wait!  Tomorrow, I am leaving for hothe.  I have a distant aunt on hothe.  she hasn't seen "little" Ani in forever.  She is dying to see my lightsaber and Jeddi I.D.  She also said that she snowboards on rare occasion, namely when her quilting club gets it into their heads that they want to go snowboarding.  They are all ladies 80 years old and up.  And every single one of them is rather round (including my aunt...which makes it a good thing she doesn't read this blog)...  But if you have ever spun a grape around the inside of a white bowl, you can imagine how it looks when they snowboard in Death Basin (a favorite snowboarding spot for the brave!)  But she said I was welcome to use her snowboard if I so wished.  Death Basin, here I come!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

3 weeks...

Oh dear! Luke is leaving for the Space academy in 3 weeks! Lea and Hon have started their new life together, and See3P0 is starting a new restaurant. I only have R2. And goodness knows he's not very helpful! Life is going to be very quiet around here pretty soon. (Thank goodness I'm still here!)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Let Me Explain

I haven't written posts for a while because...well, let me explain. Monday, the council held a meeting at the jeddi temple. I wasn't behaving like one of my status should have and I was upset at master Wendu. He said that I was too immature and shouldn't have been made a jeddi Knight. I got mad at him and popped some stickle burs into his seat. When he sat down he shot skyward about 12 feet and his first words were ANIKIN!!! Thusly, I got taken off of my blog again and had to wash his speeder for several days...