Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 31st!

Happy New Years (eve) everyone! Padmae has invited the jeddi council over for a party. I'm looking forward to this. I just hope nothing happens like the last time we had the Jeddi council over for a party... Our carpet doesn't really need another punch bath, Master Siri...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Yeah. It started out kinda sad...

Okay. I'm now awake enough to tell about how our trip to Owen's went. First of all, I got in deep trouble with Padmae because I tried my fake snake practical joke on Mark as soon as I got in the door. The reason I got in trouble was not because I was doing a practical joke on Mark, but because Mark wasn't allowed to do them anymore because his parents heard (a little bird named Padmae had let it slip) about all the practical jokes he did on me while he was over here. I didn't know about this, but Padmae (who regularly emails Beroo) knew all about it. Females can confuse me sometimes. Padmae expected me to know all about this. Anyway...after my fake snake was absconded, the rest of the trip had a cloud of shame and disappointment hanging over it (at least for me. I think the rest of my family was sorely tempted to dance for joy...including Mark.)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

So sorry...

I'm so sorry readers! I haven't written for you in forever. I have just been veerry busy with Christmas preparations and such. I'll tell you all about our trip to my brother Owen's house and all that later. Right now, I have to take a nap...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Life is Busy!

Sorry! I didn't mean to leave you all without a post for so long. I have just been CRAZY busy lately with Christmas shopping and stuff.
Life goes on as normal. Luke had a party with all his space academy friends last night. They had fun and I would have gone to bed if they hadn't been playing the Metal Hits of 2009 all night. Grr and bleah...
Well, I won't be able to write a post after Thursday because we are going over to my brother Owen's house to celebrate Christmas. (I will bring my practical jokes for Mark's benefit!) It's that time of year!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I figured out earlier this morning a great idea for Master Yoduh's christmas present! As many of you readers may have noticed in the movies, his cane was a little decrepit. Well, this store I pass by every time I go to Jeddi Mart is a little place called Canes Unlimited. So, I went in and looked at what they had earlier this morning and they have some nice ones. (The prices are a little high for walking sticks! But maybe I can cut into my fudge budget...) Now, to figure out how to wrap this thing is the hard part...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Jeddi Council Gift Exchange

I'm sorry I haven't written a post in 3 days!  I have been racking my brains to try to figure out what to get Master Yoduh for our Christmas gift exchange.  On Friday, we all wrote our names on pieces of paper and threw them into a hat.  Master Wendu did the honors and pulled out a name and gave it to each person.  If someone got his own name, he was supposed to mention it and Master Wendu would put all the names in the hat again and hand them out again.  Nobody complained so we can assume that either they all got someone else's name, or they knew just what to give themselves.

At any rate, I got Master Yoduh.   We aren't supposed to tell anybody who we got.  So I'm stuck!  I have no idea what to get him.  A hearing aid might be a good idea!  But then, I might get in trouble...

Thursday, December 10, 2009


MWAHAHAHA! Oops, I didn't mean that to come out sounding that evil.
I am, however, very happy! I managed to get out of the rest of chores. Crunchy is done with the first week. He finished yesterday. And I still hadn't figured out a way to avoid my second week...or third or fourth weeks. But, as I was about to get out my duster and vacuum, I came up with a brilliant plan. As Luke is home from the Space Academy for the Holidays (and being completely unhelpful), I figured I could use him. Do you readers remember how, back in September last year I bought Luke a video game for his birthday? Well, as of yet, I have let him use my xbox for playing it. He is still addicted to the game, so I banned him from my xbox...unless he did my chores for the rest of the month. His face fell when I told him this and I thought he would call my bluff and not do it. But he gave in and signed a contract. Addiction never fails! He did, however, say, "I'll only sign up for one week. We can talk about the weeks after that."
So he signed it. Unfortunately, though, Padmae found out about it and told me off for being such a self-centered father. She couldn't make me do the chores for this week, though, because Luke signed up for them. I felt kinda bad too, so I offered to take them from Luke. But he has accepted this martyr attitude. He said that he signed it, so he HAS to do the chores. Well, that's his choice! On my part, I now only have two more weeks of chores!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dangerous Business!

Yep. Christmas shopping is deadly! I went shopping yesterday and the stores were PACKED! At Jeddi Mart, trying to get out of the way of one scary woman twice as tall as me, I nearly ran over a little old man with a cane and almost knocked the Miracle Hair Grow kit out of his hand! It's crazy! I did come away with some gifts (but I won't tell you what is contained in their colorful, plastic boxes because my family reads this blog!)
I did, however, buy two things for myself. I know, I know! I'm breaking that age old rule not to buy anything near to Christmas. But the sales on stereos were so good... I couldn't help myself! I needed to buy a new one anyway because Fuzzy destroyed our old one over the weekend. He, for some reason, still thinks that it is a square, fur-less cat! I hold to the strong conviction that poodles are the dumbest dogs ever!
The second thing I bought for myself was a new Jeddi robe. I must be getting slow in my old age. Or maybe that lady was just faster than I was... At any rate, you now know why I needed a new suit! She ran me over.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Brain's Triumph over Poodles yet again!

Crunchy finished up the lights on our roof. They look awesome!!! However, he will not leave our service because I am hiring him to do my chores this week. After that, I'll be broke...and sunk. I will still have to find a way to get out of my chores for the next 3 weeks...

Anyway, I finally had enough of Fuzzy getting in my way, so I came up with a plan that is "humane" yet effective in getting annoying pets out of the room. And I put it into effect yesterday. What I did was go on the web and find a realistic sound effect of an angry cat. I put it onto an audio cd and brought the stereo into our bedroom. When I started working on the ceiling, sure enough, Fuzzy came in to do his daily jog. I used my force powers to push play on the stereo while not moving a muscle. Fuzzy, as usual started getting in my way when suddenly, an obviously humongous cat hissed and growled. (I had accidentally left the stereo on the highest volume because last night I had been listening to our Jammin' Jeddi song) Fuzzy, stopped jogging, looked around, and immediately ran out of the room faster than I have ever been able to run...even with my force powers. The dumb dog thought it was actually a real cat! (Don't tell Padmae what I called her favorite pet...) As of yet, he hasn't done any jogging in our bedroom. I do hear some soft padding in the next room over, though. So I think I can safely assume he is done bothering me, for now!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

(Almost) All Goes Well

The repairs on our bedroom ceiling begin today. I read up on this at the library and on the web all afternoon yesterday. I hope I know what I'm doing. I've already done a little bit of work and all goes well. The only problem is that Padmae's poodle, Fuzzy, is running laps around me. She did decide that he was getting too fat, so she put him on an exercise routine. The only problem is (you know how he hates me) he has to run in our bedroom of all the billion rooms in this house! I'm thinking of making an electric fence in the doorway before I get anymore work done. NO! It wouldn't kill Fuzzy... Just turn him into a pom pom and make him think twice before coming to bother me again. The only problem would be explaining it all to Padmae...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy All Around!

Crunchy and I have made a deal about the hole he made in our bedroom ceiling.  As he is a handyman, I was going to hire him to repair it, but Padmae had other ideas...  After that hole, she wants him to leave asap!  So, I used my large mental resources and came up with an awesome plan!  I asked Padmae if she would hire me to repair the ceiling.  I'm pretty good at that!  And yes, she JUMPED at the chance!  So, I'm using the money that I will earn from this job and transferring it to the hands of Crunchy.  Now wait. Before you deem me extraordinarily generous, let me finish!  I am hiring Crunchy, with this money, to finish my chores this week!  After that, I will only have THREE weeks of chores to do.  And it would be awesome if I could worm my way out of those too!