Friday, January 22, 2010

Sorry about all the switching!

I have moved back to  The reason for this is because the search didn't work on my new address because of some..."technical difficulties."  Obviously, my old address doesn't have the pizazz of my new one...but I think we'd all like the search to be working, right?  Thanks for your patience!

Not a Scratch!

Last night, the unthinkable happened. Luke's ship broke down! He has been using it to commute from our house to the space academy these first couple of semesters but the old clinker finally coughed her last. Luke will be saving for another one as soon as he can find a job. But until he does, he will need to borrow my ship that I got for my birthday last year. I told him he needed to baby it with lots of shipwashes and plenty of premium gas. And he'd BETTER not park anywhere near to construction work, weird looking characters or any trees. Birds seem to love the color and think it is perfect for an outhouse. Luke mentioned that he had the fear that it might take more time to find "the perfect parking spot" for my ship than it would be to take a TRAM to the space academy. I told him to quit complaining and not look a gift horse in the -- engine. Not a scratch, Luke!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How COULD They Know?

I know you probably wouldn't expect me back so soon, but our plan of "hiding out at Wedgie's" didn't go over very well. First of all, Asoka seemed to know more about this hiding place than any of us knew she knew and she ratted on us to Padmae and Lea. They didn't do anything about it immediately (I found this out from Padmae later...) but decided to use the situation to their advantage. Lea went over to Wedgie's and told him to take the TV out of the tree house. Apparently Hon is addicted to football. He is dying to see if his favorite team (the Bounty Hunters) will beat the Storm Troopers in the Death Star Bowl this year. Asoka took this opportunity to use Luke's Ipod and put her favorite movies on it! Padmae (this is the worst!) went with Lea and requested that Wedgie take the chips out of the tree house too. We didn't know all this was going on...all we knew was that we came back from our daily fishing trip, we saw a chipless, TV-less treehouse. AND Luke's Ipod was missing. Our first thought was "vandalism!" -- but then logic succeeded natural suspicions and we thought to ourselves, "why would any vandal want a half eaten bag of Cheese Flips?" My second thought was "Obi-Won!" He has been wanting to get me off of TV and snack foods for...well ever since I started this blog! But why would he take Luke's Ipod? We were clueless, but we decided to make the best of it and ate what we had brought in our lunch bags.

Meanwhile, Wedgie's mom had seen us waddling out of the treehouse with fishing poles and empty chip bags. She asked Wedge who those three spherical men were in her back yard? Wedgie said that we were some friends of his that needed a place to hide because Asoka was at their house. She understood (everybody in our neighborhood knows Asoka) but she didn't want any no-good tramps in her yard! Wedgie tried to calmly explain that these three men were respectable Jeddi (at least, two of them were, the other was a smuggler, but he thought that wouldn't be a good time to mention that!) She was adamant, however. She wanted us out. Wedgie is 18 years old, but it pays to play it safe when it is your parents' house. So he was stuck between two Jeddi Knights and a hard place.

So, from a combination of rising heat from Mrs. Antilees and the food supply in our paper bags growing thin...we decided to call it quits and face whatever darkness waited for us at home.

The women weren't as surprised to see us as I had expected. But you know why... Thankfully, Asoka is not as much of a brat as she used to be. Having her staying at our house isn't that bad -- especially since she communicated a desire to go back to the Jeddi Temple Dorms soon...

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yep. You guessed it! While Luke and I were working out a deal on Friday, Hon came through the house yelling my name so that he could figure out where my Xbox was. He asked what we were talking about and Luke blabbed it all! I couldn't figure out why because Luke has already mentioned how bbrewgleuitag Hon can get. It was probably because Luke was unhappy about the deal I was trying to push. I had told him that I would make him do some community service if he didn't let me go. He countered with the fact that he was an adult. 18 years old! That he could make his own decisions. I had then said, "OK mister ADULT. How would you like for us to stop paying your gas bills?"

That made him stop and think. I was about to win when Hon came through. Now I have a fired smuggler on my hands as well as a spoiled 18 year old brat! I'm just hoping Wedgie (Wedge Antilees) has lots of chips so I can bury my irritation in a bag of Cheese Flips!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Nightmare Becomes Reality!

No joke! Asoka really is planning on sleeping over for the time being. She is coming tomorrow. And no, I am, strangely, calm about the whole affair. It's not because I'm resigned to my fate, it's not because I trust Padmae's decision in this's because I accidentally read a journal entry out of Luke's Diary. It was torn out and I got halfway through before I noticed the heading "my journal" in the upper right hand corner of the page. So, since I was halfway through (and the words looked providentially sent), I decided to finish the job of deciphering Luke's handwriting. The journal entry was as follows:
"Tomorrow I will not be able to write an entry unless I bring you (dear diary) along. I am planning on ddienggenikial dhg wiig bwlkkui" (unreadable part). "Why am I planning on sleeping in Wedgie's treehouse? Because Asoka is gjgrutleemumfal..." (messy again) "and you know how bossy she is to me. Even though I'm 18, she still borrows my ipod and says that I should share more often. That is soooo xrehttttljmrooflie! Anyway, I hope Hon and/or dad don't find out and decide to tag along. You know how bbrewgleuitag they can be!"

Humph! Hiding out at Wedgie's to protect himself from Asoka's evil clutches...and not telling his tender and wonderful father about it just because I sometimes get bbrewgleuitag! I don't even know what that means! But whatever it means, I am never...uh THAT!
Anyway, I'll try to force Luke to let me in on the deal. But I'll have to keep it hush hush because Luke was very accurate in his description of Hon. You know how bbrewgleuitag he does get!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Good to See LEA again!

Well, the Solos arrived today.  As I said previously, I love Lea, but I just didn't want bossy Hon acting like this home was his own.

Well, life is humming along.  I am continuing my community service project today.   (Why do people insist on leaving half of a Super Burger in their take-out boxes that they have to leave on the side of the road?)  I'm getting tired of cleaning the road anyway.  People must think I'm a convict or something...maybe I should get a haircut.

Padmae said something today that worried me.  She said that she thinks my Padiwan, Asoka should spend more time around me.  She believes it would be beneficial for both of us.  I would learn more manners and Asoka would learn...well, Asoka would learn how not to act...

I don't know about this, but I don't care much for the idea of that bottle rocket having a sleep over over here - indefinitely!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Life is Ever Changing Sunday. No community service today, baby! Ahhhh...the perfect day of rest...

The only (two) dark clouds that show up on the horizon are the following: Luke is going back to the Space Academy tomorrow. He will continue to commute from our house there...but we'll miss him during the day!
The 2nd dark cloud is some news (could be a rumor, but Padmae normally doesn't gossip...) that I heard yesterday. Padmae said that Lea told her that Hon lost his job at Smuggling Enterprises. (I think that name has an intended pun as the company sometimes does transport starships) He said that they were downsizing their business and he got laid off! Padmae also asked me what I thought about letting them stay with us until they got back on their own two (four if you ask me) feet. I was playing Xbox at the time and said, "Sure honey, do what seems best..."
I mean, sure I love Lea... But Hon is a scoundrel as well as a boss. I don't know what will happen between him and Padmae...and he'd BETTER not touch my Xbox!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Community Service???

Well...I have, for the past three days, been doing community service. Cleaning roadsides...planting flowers on the median...visiting the elderly in nursing homes...all for free! It's VOLUNTEER work!!! By the sweat of my brow and the ache of my legs I have done all of this work for man/alienkind.

Master Obi-Won said that I would have a good feeling inside...but the only inner emotion I have is that of hunger because I just got back from my 4th time on the freeway medians of Nabu.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm Addicted...Again...

Sorry I haven't gotten to writing for a while recently! I have been playing a video game I got for my birthday from Luke (Lea doesn't like video games and Padmae is COOOMPLETELY against me playing my Xbox.) The game is called Pit Droid Air Hockey Deluxe Edition. It's where you hit this folded up pit droid across an air hockey table. The deluxe part of it is that you can color your droids colors ranging from white with red polka dots to purple with lime green flames. Luke must have played a pretty credit for that! He said that he played the "non-deluxe" edition in a friend's dorm at college. He likened it to eating a cake without icing. you know why I'm so distracted. I'll try to keep telling you about my life. Truth be told, nothing much has happened around here...exceeeept...Master Yodu did mention something over the weekend about Master Obi-Won and himself talking about my need for more opportunities to better man/alien-kind. I don't know why but I'm not too enthused...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, we are starting 2010, my faithful readers! Yes, we did have that New Year's Eve Party last night. It went okay. Nothing bad happened like last time...except that Master Yoduh brought his electric guitar and turned it up to 11 which, for those who do not know guitar amps, is the highest volume which, for those of you who still do not know guitar amps, is loud enough to break all the windows in our house and start an avalanche in the Netherlands on planet earth...
We finally encouraged him to turn it down to 1 and a half...
Anyway, with the new year, I have a favor to ask all you fans. Could you please write the titles of your top five favorite posts of 2009 as a comment on this post? That way I can compile all of your results, average it out, and put the final results on my for the next year.
Oh, I almost forgot; you can also write your favorite titles as a comment or a discussion on my Facebook fan page.
Thanks in advance for helping me out, and....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!