Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pleased? Not a chance!

I went to the Sithe Superstore yesterday and bought a tie and a suit for Lea's wedding. I thought they looked nice. I especially liked the suit! But when I got home, you know what Padmae said? She said, "Anikin! When I said a suit, I meant something nice not a suit with blue and white stripes."
I said, "Well I thought it looked nice -"
"And what's this? Your tie has SMILEY FACES?!"
"Well...yeah," I said, "I like smiley faces."
So, Padmae went back to the Sithe Superstore and returned them and then went to Jeddi Mart to buy a new set. She said she is boycotting the Sithe Superstore because they promote Sithes (After she told me that, I don't think she liked my sarcastic reply of "Really?"). Anyway, she replaced the suit with a black one and a plain blue tie (WHAT?). I think I would have done a way better job if given the, I mean a second chance...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Well I Never!

Padmae just - grrrrr! - you know what Padmae wants me to do? - Auuuuugh! She wants me to go to the Sithe Superstore (or the Jeddi Mart) and pick up a nice (really nice mind you) tie and suit jacket. Money is not an issue, so I don't have to go onto mundeBay to find a good deal, but still, I cannot believe she expects me to wear a SUIT to Lea's wedding. It's ridiculous!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Graduations...Weddings...Rock Band Meetings...Oh My!

I am going nuts with all of this hubbub that Lea's wedding, Luke's graduation at the end of June, and my -- um, Master Yoduh's, Master Wendu's and my rock band has caused. I am in a frenzy trying to bake some cookies Padmae told me to put in the oven before she got home (she went shopping) and she is almost here! (It's not my fault my xbox was calling me to play it so pleadingly.) Anyway, this wedding will be the death of me. (Which is good, because then I won't be around for the stressful graduation! :/)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Catch up

Let me tell you all that has been happening lately.  First of all, I picked out my glasses.  Thanks readers for your suggestions.  I picked the silver ones.  (Who had the audacity to vote for the ones with purple rims???)  I also had my root cana - oh, excuse me, filling.  That wasn't fun.  And the wedding plans go on for the Skywriter/Solo wedding.  The Jammin' Jeddi are going to play at the reception and I will give away the bride (fat chance!).  We are running out of people for flower girl.  (Don't even suggest Asoka.  That crabby girl would have a lightsaber at my throat in a heartbeat if I even suggested that!)  See3p0 is not much help with the planning, he is starting his own restaurant (?).  I suggested he call it The Shiny Droid but he said he didn't care for that idea.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ahh...I'm Back...

My friends...I am back!  What happened that kept me from writing posts for a whole 6 to 7 weeks?  Well, it was like this.  Master Wendu found some Jeddi homework of mine that I hadn't done that had been sitting in my closet ever since I became a knight and did not have to do it anymore.  He got mad, Master Obi-Won got mad, and Padmae...well, she took me off the computer until I finished it.  It took forever.  I finally finished Tuesday night - late.  Well, I celebrated the 1 year anniversary of my blog several days ago.  Sorry I couldn't notify you.
Well, I'm back now.  Hope everything is fine with my readers...