Monday, November 30, 2009


Yep! We are now putting Christmas decorations up around our house. Hon's assistant's (Chewy's) big brother, Crunchy, has started a business as a handyman so we hired him to string up Christmas lights on our roof. For those of you who thought Chewy looked big in the movies, you have no idea how big Crunchy is! He is a mammoth wookie! But, he is very adept at intricate changing out those minute lights. Padmae has now banned me from throwing occasional snacks up to him, however. She says he's too heavy already. (I think it is that big gaping hole he made in our bedroom ceiling that made the difference...)
Anyhoo, I'm getting into the Christmas spirit! I can't wait to start my Christmas shopping. (Now that black Friday is over, I can now go shopping without the prospect of getting killed!) We are really having fun putting Christmas decorations up. Padmae is planning on buying a mechanical Santa to put in our entry to scare any guests that might show up at our house. (At least that's what I think it's for...) I overheard Luke telling her, "Mom, you don't have to buy one! Dad's getting rounder every year! He can dress in his red bathrobe and scare visitors for you!"
Very funny, Luke. I kinda wish you weren't on Christmas vacation!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving everybody! Hope you have fun. I am especially looking forward to the turkey and pumpkin pie! And don't worry, I will try to stay away from the green bean casserole. We are inviting a bunch of friends over for a thanksgiving party. Master Obi-Won is coming and is bringing a camera (I so hope he won't take any incriminating pictures of me with my mouth full of fudge or something like that!)
Anyway, have fun! Gobble gobble that turkey!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I can handle it! (I hope...)

Padmae has started something new (grr)! She decided that I don't have enough to do. Which is wrong! I mean, what with the space pirate issues and Padmae leaving recently, I have been getting a lot of exercise running around working on stuff! But, regardless of this great argument, she continues to insist that I don't do enough. So, guess what she wants me to do? She wants me to do ALL the chores this month. She would wait until Luke is at the space academy and Lea is married! It's not like I will get any help from R2, and See3P0 is far too busy to help me with this... I will have to use my intuition to get out of this one!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Chubby Dog

Padmae's dog, Fuzzy, is getting fat. I mean, whou wouldn't get fat with all of those Chef BoyRDee meals that she gives him. He is truly a pampered pet. I wouldn't be surprised if after she notices that what used to be her dog has become a balloon shaped monster she takes him to the vet and asks, "Now why haven't you told me to put him on a diet earlier???"
One thing that would give me a lot of pleasure would be to see Fuzzy on a treadmill!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Didn't Quite Go As Planned...

I talked to the space pirate CEO on Monday. That didn't quite go as I had planned...
I said to him that he must stop attacking our clone ships. It was cowardly as well as childish. I mean, why couldn't he buy his M&M's at the Sithe Superstore like everybody else? He said that he didn't have enough money and I said, "Give me a break! How come you managed to scrape enough cash to buy that silver plated cigar box???"
Things started getting a little heated now and he pulled his gun on me. I used my force powers to pull out my lightsaber (it doesn't matter how quick on the draw you are...if you have a lightsaber, you always win.) The only problem is, what I pulled out wasn't a lightsaber. It was a twinky that I had bought at Space Trac on the way up and had saved to eat for a celebration snack after my interview with the Space Pirate CEO. Where was my lightsaber? Then I remembered that I had left it in my hotel room on top of the TV. So...I offered him the twinky and asked if we could call it square. He grumble affirmatively and I ran to the elevator as fast as my non-twinky-powered legs could go.
I am now at the Space Train station getting ready to beg for another free ride in the luggage compartment. Here we go again.
I feel that maybe diplomacy isn't my thing. When I get home, Master Wendu will probably tell Master Obi-Won to take care of this (after he finishes chewing me out for wasting that train ticket money!)

Monday, November 16, 2009

I never thought weekends would be painful, but....

Sorry I didn't write a post all weekend...I just couldn't bring myself to write another one in that old luggage compartment.  The weekend went by without anything unusual happening (other than the unusual things you already know.)  I went to the cafeteria 3 times a day and had quite a time getting from car to car.  Also I didn't get any good sleep in the luggage compartment.  The person whose suitcase I borrowed for a pillow had put inside what I have the strong suspicion was an anvil.

I am now at the hotel.  I will enjoy my stay here AMAP (as much as possible) and will try to forget that I have to spend another trip, the trip home, in the luggage compartment.  (My ticket I lost was a two way ticket.)  Today I go to speak to the space pirate CEO.  Let's hope that goes well.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Stingy they are.

I have started my trip and am now in the luggage compartment of the Blamtrak space train, typing this post out on my laaapppttopp. (Sorry, just went over an asteroid.) Why am I in the luggage compartment?'s like this. I successfully bought my ticket on eBay and paid 15 truguts. (I hope you're happy master Wendu) But then, everything went wacko. I was going to the Blamtrak train station on Nabu and a gust of wind went by. It took my ticket and I spent a half hour looking for it. I found several tickets (Walking in White concert ticket, pit droid football ticket, and a Jeddi Mart gift card!) but not mine. I finally found mine but noticed that I had been so caught up in looking for my ticket that I lost track of time. My train had gone! I had to catch the next one, but didn't have a ticket for it so I had to beg to sit in the luggage compartment. Any meals I buy I will have to pay out of pocket for. Man! I wish the Jeddi council wasn't so cheap!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Turn to the Dark Side (Don't)" Snippet

A special thanks to Lisa Is Cooking for the fudge photo!


Tomorrow, I am going to leave on a business trip to the planet of Yoooooooodlee. Yes, it has 8 "O's." Why? Well, we Jeddi have a campaign there against space pirate companies. The CEO's of these companies refuse to just attack Darth Sideous's ships and insist on attacking our clone ships as well. I'm going to try to persuade them to stop this immature practice. Our clones have not been able to do so, but with a little diplomacy (and a lightsaber blade!) I think I might just change there minds. The only problem is Yoooooooodlee is about a gazillion light-years away (an approximation.) So I have had quite a time looking through the Galactic Yellow Pages to find a Space Liner that goes through that area. I haven't been able to find one yet. So, since all of the Jeddi Starfighters are in use, and the Jeddi council is too cheap to hire me a rental, I am going to have to take the Space Train; the only vehicle that goes out into the outer regions. I hate train rides. Not only are the bumpy, but getting from my car to the cafeteria car while going through space is rather difficult. Bleah. And, as if that wasn't bad enough, our cheap Jeddi council chairman (Master Wendu) has sentenced me to buying the train tickets off of eBay. I mean, I can't even buy them at the station! Swell...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Today, we (Master Wendu's, Master Yoduh's, and my band the Jammin' Jeddi) finished the bass for the Turn to the Dark Side (Don't) song. Master Wendu recorded the drums yesterday, so we didn't need him today. We are doing pretty well. But, I am dreading getting the guitars and vocals for this song done because Master Yoduh probably won't stay focused for too long. Anyway, I'm having trouble finding a photo for the Fudgy Fridge album cover. Anybody know where I can find that? Wedge (Wedgie) promised to do the graphics for me. He's really good at graphics jobs. But I have to find a background picture first.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Soon and very soon...

...I will upload that song! We are getting it done. But, as anyone with any experience with a LGM for a frontman will know, it is rather hard to get anything done. Master Yoduh has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) really bad. So it happens like this, we barely figure out the drums for the song and then he hears the ice cream truck. He likes the tune, asks us if it would be a good idea for a guitar solo, and then he remembers that the last time he had ice cream was on his vacation to Tatauine for the pod races. So he says, "Got spare change, anyone?"
We all get ice cream, Master Wendu spills his on his bass drum. We clean that up with moist towelettes, and then we get the drums recorded just before Master Yoduh remembers that he forgot that today was garbage day. He leaves to go take it out, and we all go home, dejected, but happy that we got done what we did!

Friday, November 6, 2009

New Album

Well...sorry I haven't written a post in a while.  I have been busy with jogging (and, yes, video games!)  But, I do have some news about our band.  Since we finished our Time to Relax album, we have been taking a break.  But I have, of late, been craving to start our next album.  Anybody got any ideas for the album name?
After we finish this, we will post our album on miTunes.  And if it is popular, we will go on tour.  (That sounds fun!!!)
In fact, in just a few minutes, I am going to the Jeddi temple so that we can work on our first song for this album.  It is titled  Turn to the Dark Side (Don't).  What can I say, Master Yoduh is our singer so we had to rearrange the lyrics to fit his needs.  When we finish this song, I will post a snippet of it here!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What??? Already?

Yesterday, while jogging, I saw, on display in my favorite store (Clone Gift Shop) a CHRISTMAS TREE!!! I am not prepared!!! I haven't even begun thinking about presents for all my family...
I think I'll wait till after Thanksgiving so I can relax peacefully in the wonderful aroma of a cooking turkey without worrying about Santa Clause...
Merry Thanksgiving all!