Monday, February 9, 2009

Ahh, It's Great to Be Back!

We got back from our vacation yesterday.  We had a blast.  (All except for the hiking disaster, and the popped barrel.  Oh, and the coffee spill!) it was a great vacation.  I wasn't able to write a post yesterday because Padmae wanted me to drive.  (She bought a new book at the Shopping Spree Mall on Saturday and she wanted to read it).  I was really happy that we went ahead and had our vacation because Luke has picked a college that he wants to go to (he and Lea are 18, so he is going a little late, but, he wanted to stay home for this year).  He wants to go to SAN (Space Academy on Nabu).  Lea has decided not to go to college because she is marrying Hon this year and probably won't have time.  Man!  I will be sad when they are both gone, but, hey!  We had a fun vacation!

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