Friday, October 23, 2009

I Am NOT A Fire Hydrant!

Disgusting!  Gross!  And obviously naughty!  That dog of Padmae's that she left with me while she went to Nabu during this "Global Warming Crisis" is very rude.  I think that Fuzzy is disobeying just for me.  He distains me and now that Padmae is out of the house, he took his opportunity!  First of all, when I took Dood out for a walk, Fuzzy ran out the front door.  I spent 2 hours driving around in my ship trying to find him.  I finally found him, popped him in the passenger seat, and drove off.  He bumped my cappuccino, spilled it all over my new ship carpet, and stained it (the carpet).  I stopped the ship, spanked him, and threw him in the back (I hope Padmae doesn't find out that I spanked her pampered pest!)  I finally got him home, walked Dood, and then came home to find that Fuzzy had knocked over three lamps!  I am so glad I left my laptop in the closet!  Anyway, while I was cleaning up the mess, Fuzzy took that moment to mistake me for a fire hydrant or mailbox or tree sapling or whatever it is that dogs like to make "oopses" on.  By then I had had EEEENOUGH!  I threw Fuzzy into a broom closet (without forgetting to give him one of those spanks he seems to be becoming so fond of.)  Then, I went to my room, changed, and had to burn my Jeddi Robe.  Rats!  That was one of my favorites!  But I don't trust even our washing machine to wash off all of Fuzzy's mess!  That dog and I had better have a man-to-dog talk one of these days...

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  1. Dogs are like that; tell your wife to get a cat, guinea pig, hamster, rabbit...or anything else!