Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Designers & Architects

Several weeks ago, Master Obi-Won, Shock Ti, and I went on out business trip to Moss Eyesley to find an architect for the new game room in the Jeddi temple.  Not long after that, Padmae decided that she wanted to redo our living room.  I guess you might call her a designer as well.  An eccentric one.  (I mean, those chairs she picked were WEIRD!)  Anyway, today, not only the architect, but the designer for the new game room in the Jeddi temple is coming.  And the one for re-designing our living room (her name is Padmae) is working on our house today as well.  As I am not that fond of going to the carpet store to buy new carpet (as I am fond of the old one) I will probably (since another designer will be at the Jeddi temple) go hide out at Wedgie's house.

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