Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Yesterday, I went to Wedgie's house to avoid having to deal with the designers all day. Since I was gone, I left See3P0 in charge of R2De2. That droid (R2) is soooo annoying! He destroyed See3's computer because he wanted to play "Blaster Boyz" (a computer game). Sheesh! I wouldn't have been upset at See3, but since the latter couldn't use his computer to write a post, he used MINE!!! (I scolded him, but with R2, I sent him to stand in the corner!)
But, anyway, we finally got our living room redesigned! It is actually very nice. I wasn't too excited about the idea, but I think it is growing on me. (I mean, I love the idea of a snack bar in the living room!)

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