Friday, January 30, 2009

Bad Experience...

Since Luke's and my trip into the Gigantic Canyon from Tuesday to Wednesday, we are a little behind schedule  in our vacation.  Which means less time enjoying the rides in Lucas Land (where we are going to arrive upon today).  I would trade being lost in a canyon for fun amusement park rides any day.  But, it doesn't look like I have any choice.  Oh...yes....  I ran into some more bad luck.  As one would have guessed, the Gigantic Canyon had a souvenir shop.  OF COURSE Padmae and Lea had to stop!  And even though I had such an experience so as to not ever want to see the Canyon again, Padmae bought a 30" x 20" in. poster for our room.  Guess what picture the poster has on it?  The Gigantic Canyon!

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