Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our Visit to the Zoo

Hmmm. Today, we went to the zoo with my brother Owen. He enjoyed looking at all the animals (especially the Gloo). We stopped by the food area and got some Alien Fries (French Fries are out of style). We got into our ship and were on our way home when I felt a tapping on my seat. Padmae was driving and Owen was in the front, passenger seat so I was in the back. I looked behind me and there was a Kribgo in the back. Apparently they are quite fond of Alien Fries and he followed us all the way across the parking lot. Of course, we had to bring him back. But the manager was so thankful that we had returned one of the almost extinct Kribgos that he gave us all season passes to the zoo. When he found out that Owen lived on Nabu, he told him that the pass was good on any planet. When we got home, Owen asked me, "Is your life always this...ah...interesting?"

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