Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pleased? Not a chance!

I went to the Sithe Superstore yesterday and bought a tie and a suit for Lea's wedding. I thought they looked nice. I especially liked the suit! But when I got home, you know what Padmae said? She said, "Anikin! When I said a suit, I meant something nice not a suit with blue and white stripes."
I said, "Well I thought it looked nice -"
"And what's this? Your tie has SMILEY FACES?!"
"Well...yeah," I said, "I like smiley faces."
So, Padmae went back to the Sithe Superstore and returned them and then went to Jeddi Mart to buy a new set. She said she is boycotting the Sithe Superstore because they promote Sithes (After she told me that, I don't think she liked my sarcastic reply of "Really?"). Anyway, she replaced the suit with a black one and a plain blue tie (WHAT?). I think I would have done a way better job if given the, I mean a second chance...

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