Thursday, May 28, 2009

Catch up

Let me tell you all that has been happening lately.  First of all, I picked out my glasses.  Thanks readers for your suggestions.  I picked the silver ones.  (Who had the audacity to vote for the ones with purple rims???)  I also had my root cana - oh, excuse me, filling.  That wasn't fun.  And the wedding plans go on for the Skywriter/Solo wedding.  The Jammin' Jeddi are going to play at the reception and I will give away the bride (fat chance!).  We are running out of people for flower girl.  (Don't even suggest Asoka.  That crabby girl would have a lightsaber at my throat in a heartbeat if I even suggested that!)  See3p0 is not much help with the planning, he is starting his own restaurant (?).  I suggested he call it The Shiny Droid but he said he didn't care for that idea.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah. But, I can't people see that I am not trying to hurt See3p0??? I guess a time like this shows you who your real friends are...