Friday, June 5, 2009

Back to Normal Maybe?

See3P0 and I chatted today before our court session and we worked out our differences. I do seem to remember R2 telling me something about See3 wanting some pay, but that was the time when I was overwrought about my ballet class and it must have slipped my mind. I also apologized to See3 that I had expected too much of him. I suggested I make a new butler but he said he was sorry about the hubbub and wanted to continue the work at my house (with pay this time). Padmae agreed to pay him and I'm going to put up a website for his restaurant. He will have a grand opening soon, but he needs to come up with a name for the restaurant first! Padmae will bring fudge. (I suggested that he have those video games that they sometimes have in fast food restaurants, but he said his is going to be a gourmet restaurant.)

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