Friday, June 19, 2009

Lea's Wedding

Yesterday was Lea's wedding.  It went well.  But I was delayed, however by a bounty hunter.  Padmae, Luke, and Lea had gone early in the family ship and I was to come later.  As I got into my ship, I was met by the barrel of a blaster.  Of course, I sliced his gun with my lightsaber, knocked the dude out, and threw him in our broom closet.  Then I got into the ship and made it to the wedding without (thank goodness) a speeding ticket.  I made it to the wedding okay, but my tie was messed up and my hair.....well, we won't go there.  But I gave Lea away and everything.  After the wedding, Lea whispered into my ear, "Dad, were you detained by a...erm....bounty hunter?"
It turned out that she hired him because she was afraid that I would embarrass her at her wedding.  Of course, she apologized and all was forgiven.  (But when all was said and done, I think I was the more embarrassed party...)

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