Monday, June 16, 2008

Oops! Wrong Address!

This is interesting. I just went down to my mailbox to pick up my mail, and look what I found! I found Emperor Palpitine's mail. It must have shipped to the wrong address. Hmmmm...

I accidentally opened one before I knew it was not mine, and found out his plans! Darth Vadir, or rather, Darth Hideous (Emperor Palpitine's uncle for those who have not read my older posts) has gotten together a Classical music band that sings songs in Latin written by a composer named Berchelli. The have a 5 storm trooper band, but according to Darth Sideous, they "can't carry a tune 3 feet"! So Darth Hideous is going to play a CD of the background music for Berchelli's songs. They are doing their debut performance on Friday night. I do not think I will go, due to my previous experience with Darth Hideous' productions (read here)!

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