Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Wukerfilmydoodle?

I am Google-ing at the moment and, while I'm on the web, decided to write a post on exactly why and what I am Google-ing...
I went to the park early this morning (about 7:00 AM [I'm an early riser]) to get some fresh air. I found this COOOOOL animal. It is really weird as well. It is sort of slimy, with two horns and a really ugly face. I was delighted when I first found it. It had no collar so I thought why not keep such a neat dude? So I brought it home and put it in the garage, and thus, why I am Google-ing. I found out that it is a species named the Wukerfilmydoodle, and that it originally came from Hothe Tatouine. I am trying to find out its strong points and what it is good for, so that when Padmae sees it, and screams, I will be able to tell her what it can do. So that her finger does not automatically point to the door, and her lips automatically form the word: OUT!!!

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