Saturday, October 10, 2009

Electrically Charged

Well, everything is hopping over here. Actually, mainly just Mark and I are hopping around due to the recent electric shocks we received from each other. Like I said, I had a baseball cap that gave you a respectably powerful shock when you put it on. Don't worry, it's not fatal. It's not even (too) painful. I have tried it millions of times. I knew that Mark would be wise to me giving him another practical joke out in the open, so I came up with a plan. Mark brought this hat that says "I *heart* Pizza." So I paid some money I got from my raise and got somebody to sew red words that looked exactly like Mark's hat and said the exact same thing. (I had to pay a little extra because I think the lady that was sewing the hat kept getting electric shocks. I guess that ticked her off.) So I took Mark's pizza hat and traded it with my shocker hat. Then, a couple of hours later I said, "Hey Mark! Let's take Dood out for a walk!"
He must have been wary because I normally don't invite him out for walks like that. But he wasn't wary enough to stick a finger in the cap before he put it on. I heard a sharp "YIKES!!!" And then some creature with a pom-pom looking hairdo came down the stairs. On second glance I perceived that he was actually my nephew! I laughed and he said, crabbily, "You can go on your walk alone today, Uncle Ani." Still laughing, I went outside.

Then, an hour later, I came in the door and, having taken a 3 mile walk, was hungry for some kind of snack. So I went to the fridge. Still wary, I checked all doorways for buckets about to dunk me and everywhere I walked, I watched the floor for tripping ropes. Finally, I got to the fridge safely and opened it. Mark had rigged some contraption on it that shocks you when you open the door. I am still recovering. Then Padmae just about died laughing at the supper table when her two pom-poms came downstairs to eat the necessities of life. And I decided in that moment that I need a haircut!


  1. I didn't even see this, but it sounds hilarious!You two could set up a comedy routine!

  2. Seriously...why waste such "great" talents?