Monday, October 26, 2009

The Terrible Two

Sorry I haven't written a post in forever!  I have been working my fingers to the bone trying to take care of everything while Padmae is gone.  Fuzzy and I have formed a truce, however.  I promised not to spank him or be rude to him if he treat me with mutual respect (the only reason I spanked him was because of his disobedience.)  R2De2 has been acting up, though.  He seems to have the firm belief that my toothbrush was made just for oiling his nuts and bolts!  I finally had to give the thing to him after three attempts at running it through the dishwasher.  Oil is impossible to get off of toothbrushes for anyone without previous experience.  See3P0 has been a savior to me!  He has made all the meals, taken Dood out for walks, and all other miscellaneous things that I am unable to do due to Fuzzy's and R2's trouble.  I find myself saying more and more to these two what I said to Luke and Lea when they were 2-year-olds and I was taking care of them while their mother was at the store.  "Just wait till Padmae gets home!"


  1. I think they just needed some personal attention or entertainment; I'm sure you DO look HILARIOUS when you're flustered! 8}

  2. You're just a regular harried hubby!

  3. well...I have to admit, you got that right!