Friday, October 9, 2009

That Boy and His Goo-Gun!

Okay, it's like this. Mark, the boy I was planning on doing practical tricks on has caused a lot of trouble. First off, when he arrived, I held out my gum practical trick thingy. He fell for it, with a "Why thank you Uncle Anikin!" and pulled the piece of gum out of the packet. It pulled the mouse trap contraption and snapped his finger. He hopped around a good bit and then, gritting his teeth, smiled and said, "That was a - pretty good trick - Uncle - Ani..." I smiled benevolently and said that yes it was. But, then this practical joke thing backfired on me. It seems that Mark brought his own set and had already planned on using them on me. For instance, he had this goo-gun that would squirt whoever came across it's laser first. He had it set near my computer because he knew I would be the only one to go in that direction. I, like a bumbling fool, crossed the laser. I happened to hear the gun getting its goo ready so I looked in the direction of the sound, saw the gun, and backed off. The only negative to this brilliant defence method was that the gun missed me and hit my laptop. I had to buy a new one (grr!) But, hey! This one goes a lot faster!


  1. Smart kid! You could learn a lot from a little guy like that! (:

  2. well, I think the goo gun came like that.......from Dollar Planet!

  3. Is it a Nerf gun or something? Sounds kind of dangerous...