Sunday, November 8, 2009

Soon and very soon...

...I will upload that song! We are getting it done. But, as anyone with any experience with a LGM for a frontman will know, it is rather hard to get anything done. Master Yoduh has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) really bad. So it happens like this, we barely figure out the drums for the song and then he hears the ice cream truck. He likes the tune, asks us if it would be a good idea for a guitar solo, and then he remembers that the last time he had ice cream was on his vacation to Tatauine for the pod races. So he says, "Got spare change, anyone?"
We all get ice cream, Master Wendu spills his on his bass drum. We clean that up with moist towelettes, and then we get the drums recorded just before Master Yoduh remembers that he forgot that today was garbage day. He leaves to go take it out, and we all go home, dejected, but happy that we got done what we did!


  1. Hey! But you got more music done in one day than I have my whole life!

  2. That is sooooo not fair because You try hard when you want to. Yoduh really needs to meditate on focusing, shesh.Siri

  3. actually, ask Obi won; I've gotten a lot better at finishing stuff!