Friday, November 13, 2009

Stingy they are.

I have started my trip and am now in the luggage compartment of the Blamtrak space train, typing this post out on my laaapppttopp. (Sorry, just went over an asteroid.) Why am I in the luggage compartment?'s like this. I successfully bought my ticket on eBay and paid 15 truguts. (I hope you're happy master Wendu) But then, everything went wacko. I was going to the Blamtrak train station on Nabu and a gust of wind went by. It took my ticket and I spent a half hour looking for it. I found several tickets (Walking in White concert ticket, pit droid football ticket, and a Jeddi Mart gift card!) but not mine. I finally found mine but noticed that I had been so caught up in looking for my ticket that I lost track of time. My train had gone! I had to catch the next one, but didn't have a ticket for it so I had to beg to sit in the luggage compartment. Any meals I buy I will have to pay out of pocket for. Man! I wish the Jeddi council wasn't so cheap!

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