Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fiery Relationship

Hon and Lea had an argument. Storm Troop asked me if I would tell about how their relationship is going and I am. They went out to the Dark Side diner on Friday and were eating (I know that is what normal people do at a restaurant, but, Hon and Lea normally just chat [besides, Lea is not normal, I am proud to say]). Hon was talking about his week and how it went. He happened to mention gambling and Lea ordered him to quit. (I guess she gets that from being a princess and all...) Anyway, Hon looked at her like she was crazy and marched out of the restaurant with Lea following him yelling at him the whole way to the ship in the parking lot. (Lea says, "Pretty much every person in the restaurant asked us if the restaurant was on fire!") I guess you were right, Mike, about the gambling. Except, Lea did not even wait around for them to get married!!!

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