Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Glad Tidings! (not to mention the guitar!)

I suppose some of you people out there are wondering why I am writing a post at 8:00 when my ballet class starts at 7:00. Well, that is because Mrs. Harding (my ballet teacher) cancelled the ballet class for tonight because she has to go to another planet for a surprise birthday party. She neglected to tell me this joyous news until this morning, but I am too happy to be put out!

Padmae says to quit complaining because my ballet will be finished at the end of July, but I prefer to think of it as having a good attitude. I am seeing the good in not being able to do ballet tonight (though, to be completely honest, it's not that I really mind it either!)

Master Yoduh recently bought a new guitar. (Did I tell you that he plays the guitar? If not, FYI: Wendu plays the drums) He is constantly calling me and telling me about a cool feature he just discovered about it. I would hope it has a bunch of features considering how much it cost!

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  1. was it a rinky-dinky speeder or was the house leaking?