Friday, July 18, 2008


Tonight, the Jeddi council is having a meeting to figure out something important.  We need to decide what we are going to do for our Jeddi fun night this week.  I personally want to go to a concert.  Mike-Wazowski (one of my commenters) has been saying that he likes a five storm trooper band named Walking In White.  They are having a concert Saturday night, and I really want to go!  But, unfortunately, the chairman of our council (Mace Wendu) wants to go watch a movie.  I just hope it is nothing like Wading Through Water!  Whew!  What a waste of a Saturday afternoon (not to mention the time I spent bidding on eBay!)!!!  Well, I will tell all about it tomorrow.
Master Yoduh and Master Wendu are practicing some songs in the Jeddi temple.  I have given up trying to train Dood!

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