Sunday, July 20, 2008


Rowwihkhowhowowdiddlewoweeeoooo...  Do you hear that?  (Actually, I know you can't hear it, but that is my impersonation of Master Yoduh's guitar).  Yep, he came over because they closed the Jeddi Temple.  Why is the Jeddi Temple closed?  Because Master Wendu's putting in a new carpet.  (He still won't agree with my idea to use bean-bags instead of those uncomfortable chairs we have--oh well...)  So now, just because Master Wendu wants a jazzier carpet, I have to pay.  I guess I could send Master Yoduh over to Master Wendu's house.  But Master Wendu is worn out from all the homework grading and is taking a nap.  I didn't have the heart to do that to him.
I know I am not supposed to work on Sunday, but I did some arithmetic, and figured out that I only have 2 more ballet classes.  YAHOOOOOOO!!!  Thanks to Mrs. Harding's cancellation of my most recent class, I am all smiles.

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