Friday, August 29, 2008

"Like-A-Father" and Son Outing...

Last night, Obi-Won and I went on a father-son outing. I know he isn't my father, but (as I said in the third Episode) "You're like a father to me..." So, he counts! We had a blast, and yes, he let me buy popcorn. We went to the theater (where I bought popcorn), and saw a dumb movie about monkeys dressed up as storm troopers and taking over the world... (I think it was by Wrinkled Arts [same people who made Wading Through Water!]) We went to a Chinese Restaurant afterwards, and ate noodles and drank coke. (For dessert [on Obi-Won] I had Chocolate cake!). Yes, we had a blast as "Like-A-Father" and son!!!

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