Saturday, August 23, 2008

Class Photo 2008 (Taken!)

Yesterday, we took the "Class Photo 2008". After I did my post for the day, I started practicing some guitar chords like I said, and then Master Ki-Adi-Mundee called me. He said he finally got it worked out. (You know, when we would be able to get all the Jeddi together to take a photo). I was happy for him...until he told me to come right away because that was the only time in the next millennium that the whole Jeddi council would be able to get together. So I drove over there, and we took the photo.

From left to right: Master Wendu, Master Yoduh, Master Quigone (bad hair day), Master Tu-Sheeshkabob, Me (another bad hair day), Master Obi-Won, and Master Siri (good hair day, but looks like she's planning something).

So, that's the photo. Oh, by-the-bye, I now have an e-photo album. You can look at it at

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