Friday, August 15, 2008

My First Bass Lessons

Last night I had my first bass lessons. They were fun, but not as action packed as my ballet class. Mr. Pracket was fun though. I was the only person there who did not have a bass of his own. I am planning on searching for one on Saturday. Tonight is the cookout. I am bringing my mom's taco salad, Siri (oh sorry, Master Siri) is bringing (and I quote) Black berry forest pie! I hope to have a slice if Master Obi-WanWon won't keep me away from the desserts. But, wait! He said that he would give me a more lenient diet if I finished my ballet! If he approaches me, I will remind him of his promise. Now, of course, I know "lenient" does not mean FREE, but it does mean I can have sweets more often!

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