Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cookout Last Night

Last night the Jeddi temple had their annual cookout. It was a blast. As said, the person that made the dish that was chosen favorite by the judges (Judges = All Jeddi present) would get his picture hung up on the wall of the Jeddi temple along with a notecard that would say: Best Baker of the Year. [I know I said later on that I did not know what prize would be given out, but I had forgotten.] Anyway, Master Obi-Won (strangely) was the winner of the contest. He made his entry with a recipe of Master Quigone's for 29 bean soup. Master Quigone (since the movie's were all fakes, he never died) said it wasn't fair that Obi-Won used his recipe. I'll bet that all of you are wondering what Master Wendu's reaction to all of this was since he has that famous fudge marble cake and normally wins contests like this. Well, he said that he had had a kitchen mixup and probably put some wrong ingredients in where he shouldn't. After that, for some reason, he grounded me from XBox for a week. I don't understand it! (Though...Master Obi-Won did say that he thought it was sort of rude for me to say that Master Wendu was a sore loser!)

The search goes on for the electric bass. I will upload a pic of it when I buy it.

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