Monday, August 18, 2008

New Bass!!!

On Saturday, I bought a bass. So why did he leave us all in the dark and not tell us till today? is what I'll bet you are wondering. Just hold on! The reason I did not write a post yesterday is because Padmae, Luke, Lea and I were all visiting Padmae's relatives. They all live on Nabu, but it still took a while because Padmae heard that her 2nd cousin (on her mother's side) twice removed (who also lives on Naboo) had just had a baby and Padmae wanted to buy a gift for them. So we went out, bought the gift, visited all of her relatives on the face of the planet [or so it seemed] and got home at 10:00 p.m. (past my curfew) I begged Padmae to let me write a post, but she said that I would probably be going out to a movie with the Jeddi council pretty soon, so I should get right in bed. NO nonsense, Ani! So I just had to take a photo of my bass this morning and upload it to be able to post my blog. Pretty neat bass, huh.

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