Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Good to See LEA again!

Well, the Solos arrived today.  As I said previously, I love Lea, but I just didn't want bossy Hon acting like this home was his own.

Well, life is humming along.  I am continuing my community service project today.   (Why do people insist on leaving half of a Super Burger in their take-out boxes that they have to leave on the side of the road?)  I'm getting tired of cleaning the road anyway.  People must think I'm a convict or something...maybe I should get a haircut.

Padmae said something today that worried me.  She said that she thinks my Padiwan, Asoka should spend more time around me.  She believes it would be beneficial for both of us.  I would learn more manners and Asoka would learn...well, Asoka would learn how not to act...

I don't know about this, but I don't care much for the idea of that bottle rocket having a sleep over over here - indefinitely!

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