Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yep. You guessed it! While Luke and I were working out a deal on Friday, Hon came through the house yelling my name so that he could figure out where my Xbox was. He asked what we were talking about and Luke blabbed it all! I couldn't figure out why because Luke has already mentioned how bbrewgleuitag Hon can get. It was probably because Luke was unhappy about the deal I was trying to push. I had told him that I would make him do some community service if he didn't let me go. He countered with the fact that he was an adult. 18 years old! That he could make his own decisions. I had then said, "OK mister ADULT. How would you like for us to stop paying your gas bills?"

That made him stop and think. I was about to win when Hon came through. Now I have a fired smuggler on my hands as well as a spoiled 18 year old brat! I'm just hoping Wedgie (Wedge Antilees) has lots of chips so I can bury my irritation in a bag of Cheese Flips!

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