Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How COULD They Know?

I know you probably wouldn't expect me back so soon, but our plan of "hiding out at Wedgie's" didn't go over very well. First of all, Asoka seemed to know more about this hiding place than any of us knew she knew and she ratted on us to Padmae and Lea. They didn't do anything about it immediately (I found this out from Padmae later...) but decided to use the situation to their advantage. Lea went over to Wedgie's and told him to take the TV out of the tree house. Apparently Hon is addicted to football. He is dying to see if his favorite team (the Bounty Hunters) will beat the Storm Troopers in the Death Star Bowl this year. Asoka took this opportunity to use Luke's Ipod and put her favorite movies on it! Padmae (this is the worst!) went with Lea and requested that Wedgie take the chips out of the tree house too. We didn't know all this was going on...all we knew was that we came back from our daily fishing trip, we saw a chipless, TV-less treehouse. AND Luke's Ipod was missing. Our first thought was "vandalism!" -- but then logic succeeded natural suspicions and we thought to ourselves, "why would any vandal want a half eaten bag of Cheese Flips?" My second thought was "Obi-Won!" He has been wanting to get me off of TV and snack foods for...well ever since I started this blog! But why would he take Luke's Ipod? We were clueless, but we decided to make the best of it and ate what we had brought in our lunch bags.

Meanwhile, Wedgie's mom had seen us waddling out of the treehouse with fishing poles and empty chip bags. She asked Wedge who those three spherical men were in her back yard? Wedgie said that we were some friends of his that needed a place to hide because Asoka was at their house. She understood (everybody in our neighborhood knows Asoka) but she didn't want any no-good tramps in her yard! Wedgie tried to calmly explain that these three men were respectable Jeddi (at least, two of them were, the other was a smuggler, but he thought that wouldn't be a good time to mention that!) She was adamant, however. She wanted us out. Wedgie is 18 years old, but it pays to play it safe when it is your parents' house. So he was stuck between two Jeddi Knights and a hard place.

So, from a combination of rising heat from Mrs. Antilees and the food supply in our paper bags growing thin...we decided to call it quits and face whatever darkness waited for us at home.

The women weren't as surprised to see us as I had expected. But you know why... Thankfully, Asoka is not as much of a brat as she used to be. Having her staying at our house isn't that bad -- especially since she communicated a desire to go back to the Jeddi Temple Dorms soon...

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