Sunday, January 10, 2010

Life is Ever Changing Sunday. No community service today, baby! Ahhhh...the perfect day of rest...

The only (two) dark clouds that show up on the horizon are the following: Luke is going back to the Space Academy tomorrow. He will continue to commute from our house there...but we'll miss him during the day!
The 2nd dark cloud is some news (could be a rumor, but Padmae normally doesn't gossip...) that I heard yesterday. Padmae said that Lea told her that Hon lost his job at Smuggling Enterprises. (I think that name has an intended pun as the company sometimes does transport starships) He said that they were downsizing their business and he got laid off! Padmae also asked me what I thought about letting them stay with us until they got back on their own two (four if you ask me) feet. I was playing Xbox at the time and said, "Sure honey, do what seems best..."
I mean, sure I love Lea... But Hon is a scoundrel as well as a boss. I don't know what will happen between him and Padmae...and he'd BETTER not touch my Xbox!

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